The photographic series "Farewell", 2022, is a continuation of the photographic series "Disappearing", 2021, and seeks to enable the elaboration of mourning and farewell of that and of those who are gone or are no longer part of our lives.


In "Despedida", Karine Padilha opens the door for the public to participate in the creative process, inviting them to send an object that recalls the memory of a person who has passed away, followed by a goodbye letter.


The objects received will be used freely by the artist, who will ritualize the farewell through the use of photography and the narrative of the stories sent.

The series will be made available in real time on the artist's social network (Instagram @karine_padilha_) and on the website www.karinepadilha.com.br

To participate, access the form and follow the guidelines.

The series "Farewell" tells a story of love and courage to move forward. Come be part of this story.



The series "Disappearing" portrays the experience of loss and grief during the period of the pandemic; the series consists of a photosequence in 9 acts, and a self-portrait. The photographs from the series were part of the Museu do que Nos Resta, the global digital art biennial The Wrong Biennale, and the exhibition Arte na Quarantena, a project carried out by the Mostra Museu (Brazil) and The Covid Art Museum (Spain).


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