The series "Textures" delves into the psychophysical representation of affectivity, and proposes a topographic look at affection: a look that allows the description and delineation of the affective terrain with all its geographical features and its beauties:  reliefs, isthmuses, paths, lightness - portrayed in the works.  

The series locates affection in space and seeks to answer a contemporary question “where did affection go?”


“Textures” is an invitation to map and express what makes us human. 



Tachismo – from the French tache – can be translated to “manchismo”.  

The works in tachismo represent the expression of a floating signifier; a stain waiting for one or another reading, to update it and invest it with meaning. In the Tachismo Series, the artist works with the abstract as a tool for evoking feelings, inviting the audience to signify in a unique and personal way not only the art on canvas, but also their emotions.

The Tachismo series was part of the Artsy collection - one of the largest digital art platforms in the world.

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